• Used Jackson Kayak 4Fun 2006

  • The combination of hull shape for river running and for play makes this Jackson Kayak 4Fun a great all around option; narrow for speed but flared out sidewalls and increased continuous rocker keeps your edges out of the water. This design allows you to keep more water off the deck, make the most of your boofs, and help you cross holes and eddy lines with authority, while the increased side-wall flair allows for added stability on edge, easier rolling, later bracing, and to reduce the effects of boils and cross-currents. Beginners like this boat because it's fun and easy to grow into. Intermediate and advanced boaters like it because it's difficult to outgrow.

    Length:  7'2"
    Width:  26.5"
    Weight: 33 lb
    Volume:  65 gal
    Paddler Weight:  165- 230 lb
    Cockpit: Extra Large
    Available for local pickup only.
  • $499.00 $1,199.00